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  • Delivering Customer Service in a New Hybrid World

    How cloud contact centers are helping agents delight customers.
    Release date: 04/20/2022
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  • From Cost Center to Innovation Center

    Amazon’s cloud-based approach to the modern contact center saves customers money and time.
    Release date: 10/21/2021
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  • Deliver Bottom-Line Impact of Your Cloud Adoption Through Cloud Fluency

    Why successful digital transformation requires a company-wide understanding of the cloud.
    Release date: 10/04/2021
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  • Technology Innovation Fuels Hope for Energy Transition

    Organizations large and small are working to transform how we produce and consume energy.
    Release date: 09/10/2021
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  • Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level with AI

    AI helps customers, shortening the average contact center call time by 15%.
    Release date: 09/01/2021
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  • Modernizing Financial Services: Improving the Customer Experience With Personalization

    The cloud helps financial institutions leverage their data to create personalized interactions across the customer journey.
    Release date: 08/30/2021
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  • The New Wave of Healthcare: Empowering Patients With Technology

    With digital health solutions, patients can make better and faster decisions about their health.
    Release date: 08/23/2021
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  • How the Pandemic Transformed Government Customer Service

    Advanced technology is transforming the citizen experience. Here’s how moving to the cloud addresses the public’s needs.
    Release date: 08/11/2021
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  • Transforming the Driver Experience

    Why these cloud-powered smart products are poised to become the next big thing.
    Release date: 07/28/2021
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  • Reinventing the Contact Center

    Digitizing the contact center makes it easier and more cost effective for companies to create superior customer experiences.
    Release date: 07/22/2021
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  • Unlock the Predictive Power of Machine Learning

    Machine learning has the ability to transform every industry, process, and business.
    Release date: 06/28/2021
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  • Empowering Employees to Make Better, Faster Decisions

    Making data securely and easily accessible to all employees helps improve business outcomes and increases innovation.
    Release date: 06/14/2021
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  • Modernize Your Business

    It’s not just an IT thing. It’s an all-hands-on-deck thing. And it takes business leaders to make it happen.
    Release date: 05/28/2021
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  • Build Business Agility With a Modern Data Strategy

    Agility can be an antidote to uncertainty. Take action, even when the world is shifting quickly all around you.
    Release date: 05/17/2021
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  • Solving Industry Challenges With Machine Learning

    You don’t need to be a machine learning expert to get the benefits. Learn how ready-made intelligence can help you innovate faster.
    Release date: 05/03/2021
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  • Reinventing Operational Resiliency

    Can you protect every layer of the IT infrastructure stack?
    Release date: 04/15/2021
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  • Building a Culture of Security

    Learn how to build security into how your company makes decisions.
    Release date: 04/05/2021
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  • Reinventing Hybrid Cloud

    How hybrid cloud solutions are helping more organizations accelerate their digital transformation.
    Release date: 03/22/2021
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  • Reinventing with the cloud

    Discover how millions of organizations are using the AWS cloud to innovate and transform with unparalleled capabilities.
    Release date: 02/25/2021
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  • Reinventing Your Business With Data

    Start treating data as an organizational asset and use it to build new and innovative products.
    Release date: 02/02/2021
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  • Provable Security for Modern Applications

    Get higher confidence in the security of your cloud applications in seconds.
    Release date: 01/26/2021
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  • The Pandemic Has Shined a Light on the Importance of IT and the Cloud

    From addressing work-from-home challenges to finding new cloud-based solutions, 2020 was a critical year for IT teams.
    Release date: 01/11/2021
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  • Transforming the Industrial Landscape

    Industrial leaders are optimizing operations and transforming businesses using cloud solutions from AWS at the edge.
    Release date: 12/01/2020
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