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  • A Plant Grows in Georgia

    In Bryan County, Georgia, Hyundai’s soon-to-open EV plant is already reshaping the community and changing lives.
    Release date: 11/08/2023
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  • A Legacy of Progress Fuels an Innovative Vision for the Future

    From postwar South Korea to the present day, learn how Hyundai has driven innovation on a global scale.
    Release date: 10/24/2023
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  • The Ripple Effect of Investing in American Jobs

    Hyundai’s new plant will produce thousands of EVs. It could also spark a new era of growth for the region.
    Release date: 09/29/2023
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  • Driven by Hope

    Learn how Hyundai Hope On Wheels initiative has been improving care—and changing lives—for more than 25 years.
    Release date: 09/12/2023
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  • Electric for All

    How Hyundai's approach to electric vehicles is propelling the automotive industry toward a pivotal turning point.
    Release date: 09/06/2023
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  • Transforming the Future of Mobility

    How Hyundai is creating a better tomorrow by putting humans—our wants, needs and challenges—at the heart of innovations.
    Release date: 06/07/2023
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  • Miles That Define Us

    Exploring the innovations from Hyundai that are poised to make our communities better, safer and more inclusive.
    Release date: 06/07/2023
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